DSC 0339
Court dress tunic and cocked hat worn by Baron Dr. von Marau, Finance Secretary of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
DSC 0380
British submarine service fatigue uniform and life preserver (lower left corner).
DSC 0393
Stacks of U.S. wool breeches. They accounted for a large share of war production.
DSC 0397
U.S. Army full dess service coat of the Coast Artillery.
DSC 0369
Imperial Russian nurse's uniform.
DSC 0408
Foreign service uniform, American Red Cross.
DSC 0409
DSC 0411
U.S. and French telephone operator's headset used by the U.S. Signal Corps. These women were referred to as the "Hello Girls."
DSC 0473
Steel helmet, U.S. Model 1918, that belonged to Corporal John Lewis Barkley, a Medal of Honor winner. After the war he wrote the book "No Hard Feelings."
DSC 0479
Barkley's story and the Medal of Honor citation's text can be read here.
DSC 0474
Corporal John Lewis Barkley, Medal of Honor winner from World War I.