Toy and Miniatures Museum
Date visited 05 July 2017.
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A nice museum, but, sadly, it closed at 4:00 p.m., not 5:00 p.m. as most museums and attractions.
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This display spun slowlly, revealing many wonderful toys from one's childhood.
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Cowboy and Indian figures from the 1920.
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George and Martha Washington dolls.
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A "Groednertal" doll from about 1825, named for the German region from which it originated. This one is 26 inches tall, though they could be very small for doll houses.
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Dressed in Paul Bunyan garb, this doll was made about 1935 by artists in the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It was labeled "Minnesota Lumberjack W887 Craftsmen." WPA dolls were used in department store displays and as visual aids in elementary schools.
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The WPA Abraham Lincoln doll was described as "Minneapolis Handicraft Project Abraham Lincoln Doll W731."
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19th century dolls representing the hierarchy of 19th century social structure.
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Dollhouse dolls. Ceramic was popular in the latter hald of the 19th century. Realistic details were portrayed.
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"Ray guns."
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More "ray guns." Some even sparked when their triggers were pulled.
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As the label says, doll food (for doll houses).
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A six-story doll apartment house. This one even was wired for electricity, including outside lighting.
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Made in Germany, this elaborate doll house was sold in the FAO Schwarz high-end toy store in New York City. A German coin was found in the base when it was removed from this doll house, possibly placed there originally for good luck.
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Isabella Frazier Dollhouse from about 1870.
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Madame St. Quentin Dollhouse made in England around 1856 - 1858. It has 19 rooms.
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Coleman Dollhouse from about 1865, made for a rich iron baron in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Made of wood, it is painted with a sand paint to mimic stone. Because metal piping was found in it, curators believe it had gas lighting.
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Noah stands alongside a very large doll house.
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Dollhouse glassware.
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Miniature (doll-house sized) pistols.
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Miniature grandfather clock for a doll house.
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Victorian dollhouse dolls.
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There was a special area devoted to "The Wizard of Oz," including the movie with Judy Garland as Dorothy.
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Frank L. Baum.
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1985 Princess Mombi costume worn by Jean Marsh in the Disney film "Return to Oz."
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1974 Yellow Brick Road dancer costume worn in Broadway's "The Wiz," winner of seven Tony awards. The gloves in the lower left were worn by the Tin Man in the show.
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Grandpa Roy puts up his Lionel train each year around the Christmas tree.
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These toys were made of cast iron.
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Cast iron banks. Most moved, shooting a coin into the bank, encouraging children to save their pennies.
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
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Charlie Mcarthy, a copy of Edgar Bergan's famous dummy.
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Tinker toys were popular years before Lego arrived. Grandpa Roy remembers they always came in a round can such as the one shown here.
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Another popular toy Grandpa Roy had when he was young.
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This particular Erector Set has the motor (seen in the left part of the box) that allowed a child to make fancy moving devices, such as miniature Ferris wheels.
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In the 1950s and 1960s, chemistry and microscope kits for youth came with actual real chemicals, not the worthless powders of today. This particular microscope was a more advanced model.
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GI Joe, the attempt to get boys to play with dolls.
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Brig Argus by Lloyd McCaffery. The actual brig participated in the War of 1812 and was captured by HMS Pelican in 1813. One inch in this model represents 16 feet in full-scale. It is cut away to show the ship's interior detail.
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Royal Caroline by Lloyd McCaffery. Each inch equal 32 feet of the full-scale yacht. The original yacht was used by the British royal family between 1749 and 1820.
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Cabbage Patch doll.