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The MiG-29 (and its modifications)

MiG-29 Basic single seat tactical fighter

MiG-29K Multipurpose carrier-borne fighter bomber

MiG-29KVP Intermediate variant, built for development of takeoff from catapult and landing on a landing arrester system.  Can be used as a  combat aircraft, and also as a trainer for Naval airmen at land-based airfields.  It is distinguished from its land-based counterpart by the hook and strenthened construction.

MiG-29M  Improved tactical fighter with Long-Range Control sysem and improved equipment.

MiG-29MEh  Export MiG-29M.

MiG-29S  Improved tactical fighter.

MiG-29SM  Follow-on to the MiG-29SEh (aircraft similar to this modification were situated in Malaysia).  Mods include:  Increased bomb load (to 4 T.), in-flight refueling, RVV-AE missiles with active seekers, which increase the chance of winning in long-range combat by 6 to 7 times.  These two modifications make it a match already or exceed the Eurofighter -- a next generation fighter.

MiG-29SMT  New export modification of MiG-29M.  Unified (that is,  eventually it will be installed on all Russian fighters) cockpit with 3 MFD (SIC), 900 kg lighter considering its imported elemental foundation.  New radar (with automated terrain following).  Supplemental [fuel] tanks.  Bomb load (to 4 Tonnes) and range (up to 3,500 km) have been increased.

MiG-29SEh  Improved tactical fighter, equipped with in-flight refueling.  Export modification.

MiG-29UB  Two-seat combat trainer variant.  Produced in 1981.

MiG-29UBT  Two-seat modification for special strike missions.  First flight 10.08.98.

MiG-29 with variable-geometry nozzled engines -- Experimental aircraft, developed since 1988 on the basis of the MiG-29  for development of vectored thrust, which, it is possible, will find its application on the next-generation multirole fighter.  The construction of the fifth generation fighter was already completed in 1991, but it was unable to fly because of a lack of a means to finish the engines.

MiG-33  MiG-29M

MiG-35  Highly modified MiG-29M (MiG-33)

The information above is from the AviaPort site at It was translated/gisted by Roy Cochrun.

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