Xpu-Ha - The Resort
Grandma took this picture of one of the deer at Xpu-Ha. They were so tame that you could walk right up to them, but they would run if you tried to touch them.
A closer view of one group of huts. They were very colorful and all had thatched roofs. Inside they had twin marble sinks, a large whirlpool tub, and a really good shower, in addition to the bed, a color TV with English-language movie channels and news stations so that Grandpa Roy could keep up with what was happening in the world.
A view of Xpu-Ha from across the inlet. The huts all are two stories and are the rooms for the guests. Upper levels could sometimes see over the jungle and get a good view of the water. Lower levels sometimes had a nice view of the jungle, and privacy. Some lower levels had no privacy at all. Each hut had its own deck with a hammock and a table and chairs.
Grandpa relaxing on the deck of his and Grandma's hut. How do you like the statuette of the turtle on the table?
Another view of some more huts as. This picture was taken the first day Grandma and Grandpa were at the resort. Of course, they were on a walk, Grandma dragging Grandpa along, kicking and screaming as always.
Grandma relaxing on the deck of her and Grandpa's hut. The deck was very large and included a hammock. The jungle is right behind Grandma.
Grandma on the deck of her and Grandpa's hut. Here you get a good view of the jungle behind her.
Another view of Grandma and Grandpa's deck. Here you can see the hammock, which Grandma loved. (Grandpa was afraid he would fall out of it.)
Inside Grandma and Grandpa's hut. The twin sinks are up two steps, behind the bed and beyond the large whirlpool bathtub. The "goose" is made from towels by the maid, the way it was done on Grandma and Grandpa's cruise.
The whirlpool tub in Grandma and Grandpa's hut. The sinks are to the right and the bed and deck are to the left, down a couple steps.
Grandma on one of their walks. Grandma has already been shopping!
One of the interesting trails Grandma and Grandpa explored at Xpu-Ha.
The lagoon at Xpu-Ha. Grandma and Grandpa went out in a kayak. The water in the lagoon is very still and Grandpa managed not to tip over the kayak.
Another view of the water and the shoreline at Xpu-Ha. There were a lot of trails to explore.
Grandma is always complaining that she is too far away to be seen in the pictures, but there is a reason: Can you see the boat pulling the parasail from which someone is hanging (and probably screaming!) in the distance in the water behind her? In additon, look at the interesting rock formations where Grandma is standing.
These two stone lions served as a seat for anyone who wanted to relax while walking along the trail behind them. If you look closely, you can see some small boats in the water. Grandma took this picture while standing next to her favorite swimming pool. There was rarely anyone there and the waitress kept bringing her anything she wanted to drink. Grandpa liked their lemonade, because it had lime in it.
Here is a close-up of your beautiful Grandma standing on those rocks. A few minutes after Grandpa took this picture, it began to rain.
Grandpa is posing in front of the bar at the outdoor theatre at Xpu-Ha. It was about the only place you couldn't get a soda or bottle of water during the day, because it was only open during show times. Grandma and Grandpa's hut was about a 5-minute walk from the theatre.
Grandma loved the different kinds of plants in Mexico. This photo is of one of them.
This guy kept hoping Grandpa would drop in for lunch! There were several crocodiles at Xpu-Ha.
Another photo of some beautiful flowers at Xpu-Ha. Grandma and Grandpa also listened to a Mayan doctor talk about how different plants could be used as medicines, for example, one was good if you get bit by a snake.
The areas where huts were grouped all had different names. Your grandparents' hut was in the Teterete section. Teterete is a nickname for a type of lizard found in Mexico.
Beautiful berries, but don't eat them.
The resort also had flamingos on display.
One of the many places to relax and have a drink at the resort.