The pyramid at the Coba site is taller than the one at Chichen Itsa and not in as good shape. Other pyramids and temples await discovery at the Coba site. Archaeologists are working constantly at the site.
Grandma photographed Grandpa standing on the lower steps of Mexico's tallest pyramid, at Coba. Grandpa didn't go any higher than this, but Grandma certainly did, because she was upset she didn't get to climb the pyramid at Chichen-Itsa.
Grandma is just starting out on her climb up the tallest Mexican pyramid in Coba. Notice how different this pyramid is from the one in Chichen-Itsa.
Grandma Bert is about 1/4 up the tallest Mexican pyramid at Coba.
Grandma photographed Grandpa from the tallest Mexican pyramid in Coba. She was about half way up. Can you see him down there to the right?
Grandma is nearly at the top, sitting on the steps, in this photograph. Look for her in the upper center of the photo. Can you find her?
Grandma was almost at the top, above the jungle, when she took this picture of another pyramid in the distance. Only 20 percent of Coba has been uncovered by archaeologists and even less has been restored. Grandma never made it the last 8 steps, but not because she was tired. She had vertigo! In other words, she kept looking down and it was making her dizzy. Had she not looked down, she would have made it to the top. As it was, she got higher than the top of the pyramid at Chichen-Itsa!
A restored temple sits atop a smaller pyramid at Coba.
The goal in the sports arena at Coba. The hole in the ring appears to be larger than the one at Chichen Itsa.
The goal from the other side.
These ruins may have been from a home.
Coba had a large number of carvings. In this one a man appears to be making an offering of some type.
This carving may depict a man about to be sacrificed.
Yet another carving in soft stone.
The guide explains the glyphs on this carving. Yes, Grandpa can't see anything, either.
While these carvings are difficult to see, they begin to make sense when a drawing of them has been made as in the next photo.
A drawing of the carvings in the previoius photo.
A large carved skull was discovered at a location for human sacrifices.
Another skull adorns the side of the steps to a temple.
The scene outside of the park at Coba was a lot different than the nice hotel and paths outside of Chichen-Itsa. But there were a lot of visitors to Coba.