Inside the restaurant there was entertainment in addition to a nice buffet. This boy was one of several who danced for the diners while balancing bottles on the tray that is on his head. Not one dancer lost a bottle.
It was still the end of the Christmas season in Mexico, and Grandma photographed this nativity scene along the trail of the hotel outside of Chichen-Itsa.
Because it was still the end of the Christmas season in Mexico, Grandpa was able to photograph this Christmas tree that was still fully decorated inside the lobby of the hotel outside of Chichen-Itsa. It was about 12 feet tall!
Grandma photographed this fountain, which was one of the sites along the trail that belonged to the hotel outside of Chichen-Itsa.
Outside of the park at Chichen-Itsa was a hotel where Grandma and Grandpa ate lunch. This is a trail outside of the hotel that was a very pleasant after-lunch walk.
This pyramid at Chichen-Itsa is the most famous in all of Mexico, but it is not the tallest. The pyramid at Coba is taller. Grandma wanted to climb this pyramid, but she had not eaten in 7 hours and it was very hot, so she felt sick. Grandpa actually was happy that she didn't want to climb it, because he also felt sick, probably for the same reason. By the time they had eaten their lunch, it was too late to go back to climb the pyramid (which Grandpa would not have done, anyhow.)
The Mayan culture had a lot to do with human sacrifice. Each of these carved skulls is supposed to mean that one team captain of the winning team was sacrificed. It was considered a great honor. The game was a type of ball game and they tried to get the ball through a stone hoop.
Grandma and Grandpa's first excursion took them to Chichen-Itsa, where the Mayan's had built this observatory a long time ago so that they could study the stars. Of course, they did not have telescopes, but isn't it uncanny how their observatory had a rounded roof? Part of the roof is missing, destroyed over the hundreds of years since the Mayans left Chichen-Itsa.
Because the steps were steep to the top of the pyramid, a rope was placed in the center to aid climbers.
This is the goal through which the teams tried to get the little ball.
A smaller pyramid at Chichin Itsa.
More Mayan figures.
Carvings in orange...
In another court, the goal is broken.
The ancient Mayans needed water, and Chichen Itsa had it at this aquifer.
Another view of the ancient observatory.