The Lowcountry is...
IMG 6454
Plenty of marshy territory in the Lowcountry of South Carolina
IMG 6435
Tide is out.
IMG 6462
Marshes everywhere
DSC 0625-01
IMG 6474
Meandering Lowcountry rivers and streams.
IMG 6988
IMG 6537
Spanish moss and stately trees.
DSC 0677
Long, oak-lined Lowcountry roads
DSC 0602
Turtles covered in duckweed.
DSC 0732-01
Yellow Crowned Night Herons
IMG 6449-01
Giant Egrets (note black legs, which makes it so).
DSC 0600-01
Green Herons
DSC 0716
Fiddler crabs, scurrying into and out of their holes in the brackish marshlands.
DSC 0737
Marsh periwinkles on reeds
DSC 0759-01
Dragon Flies.
IMG 6996
Armadillo foraging for food.
DSC 0681-01
Gullah praise houses.
DSC 0671
Gullah cemeteries
DSC 0653-01
Gullah food
DSC 0391
Gullah woven sweetgrass baskets.
IMG 5840
Gullah art.
DSC 1036
Antebellum mansions.
IMG 5868
Seafood restaurants
DSC 0039
Boardwalks... And more.