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Транспортные самолеты
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Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспортные самолеты

Antonov Beriev Il'yushin Tupolev Yakovlev Others
Aнтонов Бериев Ильюшин Туполев Яковлев Другие

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Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Antonov
Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Aнтонов

  • The An-2.  Some very  nice photos!
  • Antonov AN-2 owners and friends web page.  Photos, links, much more.
  • Antonov An-26 Page.  English and German. 
  • Antonov An-38-100
  • Antonov An-70 Specs.  Also see his Moscow Air Show page
  • Bosch Aerospace AN-2 Research Aircraft Page
  • East Air Company.  Buy parts and accessories for an An-2.
  • Photos and Drawings of An-2F and An-6.  Page loads slowly.
  • Pleasurefly in the UK will give you a flight in the An-2.
  • Russian cargo plane crashes through Siberian town  A report of the crash of an An-124 that was delivering Su-27 to Vietnam immediately after takeoff from Irkutsk.
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    Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Beriev
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Бериев

  • Be-200 Mulitpurpose Amphibious Aircraft.  Includes some very nice photos.
  • Beriev Be-12 'Mail', by John Hayes
  • Beta Air.  Marketing the Be-200.  In English and Russian.
  • Technical Description of the Be-12 Amphibious Aircraft.  in Russian only, but some good photos.
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    Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Il'yushin
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Ильюшин

  • Il-14P.  Site offering one for sale provides photos and tech details of the airplane.
  • Ilyushin Airliners.  Nice collection of photos, but beware of pop-up/pop-under ads.
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    Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Tupolev
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Туполев

  • A Bridge of Wings:  "The Commemorative Flight of the Rodina" 
  • Man, Medium, Machine.  ЧЕЛОВЕК, СРЕДА, МАШИНА", Л.Л.Селяков.  An autobiography of the designer of the Tu-134A, L.L. Selyakov.  In Russian only. 
  • Russia Might Have Received A Tu-204 Order
  • Tu-114.  Nice black and white photo of a Tu-114 Cleat seen in Tokyo in 1968.
  • Tu-144LL Initiative.  NASA site devoted to the program.  Make certain you download the Quicktime or Mpeg video.
  • Tu-144 Crash. 3 June 1973.  Archived Newsgroup Postings and Links to Additional Information
  • The Tu-144 SST was flying again for a while. Here's a press release.  Another discusses NASA pilots who flew the SST
  • TU-324 TO BECOME A “PEARL” OF RUSSIA AVIATION.  Article in English.
  • TU-334 test program in English with photos.
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    Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Yakovlev
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Яковлев

    Yakovlev Musem



    Aircraft Resources --> Portal --> Transports --> Others
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Транспорты --> Другие

  • The Airline Modellers Digest site has some photos of Russian transports.
  • Aviacharter.  This site has information about and photos of  the major Russian transports.
  • Books about Russian Aviation.  Order from, via Roy's Russian Resource.
  • A Guide to Russian Airliners
  • Hawkeye, the Gatwick Aviation Society Web Pages. A few photos of Russian transports, plus long lists of registration numbers for Russians types. Worth a look!
  • Line drawings and specs for Russian civil aircraft.
  • Photos by Ruud de Vries.  Several very good, recent photos of Russian-designed transports are included in this collection..  Requires a java-script enabled browser.
  • Rus Aircraft English and Russian.  Buy/sell/trade aircraft and parts.
  • Russian Aircraft.  Some new (to me) photos and data.
  • Russian Aircraft Photo Gallery
  • Russian aircraft photos.  Some are really quite nice.
  • Russian Air Transport Discussion Board
  • Russian Transports
  • Russia until 1917 - The USSR - Russia and CIS.  This site is a collection of photos and information about rare or unusual aircraft, such as the MiG-8 canard design.  In Russian, but click on each link on the page for photos.
  • Vadim Borisovich Shavrov.  A short biography on the Russian Zoological Institute's site.  It seems he was very interested in beetles.  Also some aircraft photos by clicking the last link on the page.  In Russian only.




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