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Unique Russian and Soviet Aircraft Photos since 1995!
Last update 22 September 2012

Unusual Aircraft
Необычные самолеты
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Aerostats WIGS Other
Aэростаты Экранопланы Другие

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  • AeroNaTTs (Aeronautical Scientific And Technical Center). 
  • Augur Aeronautical Center 
  • Balloon Sport Federation, Perm' Region
  • Domestic and Foreign Studies on Aerostat (Balloon) Logging
  • Russian Aeronautical Systems, Ltd.  (RosAeroSystems) Airships.
  • Rusbal 
  • Russian Ballooning.   In Russian only.
  • Russian Ballooning Society
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    Aircraft --> Portal -->  Miscellaneous --> Unusual Aircraft --> WIGs
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Разное --> Необычные самолеты --> Экранопланы

  • Ekranoplan.A fair number of good, unusual photos.
  • Ekranoplans Showcase, Part 1. Excellent photos, many in color.
  • Ekranoplans Showcase, Part 2. More excellent photos, including color of the flight deck (bridge?) and interior of one.
  • Les Avions a effet de sol.  French language site about WIGs in general; has a nice photo of a Russian WIG on the home page.
  • Volga Shipbuilding Plant.  Built the "Orlyonok." 
  • The WIG Page. Wing-in-ground effect aircraft, with photos and information about Russian/Soviet designs in this interesting area of aviation. 
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    Aircraft --> Portal -->  Miscellaneous --> Unusual Aircraft --> Other
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Разное --> Необычные самолеты --> Другие

  • Che-22 amphibian by B.Chernov and E.Yungerov
  • Che-22 Amphibian Homebuilt
  • EKIP Aviation Concern.  The "flying saucer" design.  In Russian and English.  Photos and details. 
  • EKIP in flight.  A series of small photos of this unusual aircraft in flight.
  • The EKIP/Tarielka
  • EKIP "Ekologiya i Progres" (Ecology and Progress) aircraft project
  • Flying Saucer May Yet Take Flight.
  • NAVAIR to help Russia test 'flying saucer' UAV  Includes discussion of different EKIP designations. 
  • Russian “Flying Saucers” to Grace American Skies
  • Russia until 1917 - The USSR - Russia and CIS.  This site is a collection of photos and information about rare or unusual aircraft, such as the MiG-8 canard design.  In Russian, but click on each link on the page for photos.
  • Soviet RD&T aircraft
  • Tarielka (EKIP) - Edward Isaev. Interview with one of the designers of the EKIP aircraft (or Tarielka) - Edward Isaev, plus much other information.
  • Uncommon Aircraft 2012, a website dedicated to providing information about little-known military aircraft.  Site renamed, moved yet again, updated and revised in 2012.
  • US Navy to order unique aircraft in Saratov, Russia (UFO-shaped).  After article are different comments about the vehicle.  A unique cut-away drawing is posted about 1/4 down the page.
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