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  • Airshow China
  • Moscow Air Show '97 coverage 
  • Moscow airshow pageMAKS '99 анд '01 information here. 
  • Russian Aviation & Moscow Aeroshow Tour Commercial site advertising an upcoming trip to Moscow & St. Petersburg in August, 1999
  • The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming.  But can they market?
  • Timisoara.  Rumanian airshow 2000.  Site in Rumanian, but with links and photos.
  • TRIMA Avia.Get acquainted with Russian Aircraft, International Aviation Organizations, Exhibitions, Airshows, as well as other aviation information. 
  • WWW.AVIATION.RU at MAKS'99.  Hundreds of photos and videos.
  • A Year In CIS Aerospace from AeroWorldNet (1997 news) 
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  • Avialeasing Corporation, Perm English and Russian
  • A-Z AIRFREIGHT DIRECTORY - Russian Federation
  • A-Z Worldwide Airfreight Directory - Russian Federation (Second URL)
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    Aircraft --> Portal -->  Services --> Reservations
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Услуги --> Резервации

  • Far Eastern Aviation Agency, Khabarovsk
  • FLY Airline Reservations System English and Russian 
  • Main Civil Aviation Computer Booking System "SIRENA", Moscow English and Russian
  • Moscow Air Traffic Control Center English and Russian 
  • "Nadezhda" (Hope) Air Transportation Agency, St. Petersburg Russian only
  • Primorsky Agency of Aviation Companies Russian only 
  • Rostov-on-Don Airport Air Traffic Timetables Russian only 
  • Rusaero Center for Civil Aviation Services.  Some information and photos about transports.  The old RusAero Site is still open in  English and Russian.
  • SV Avia Online Air Ticket Sales Russian only .
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    Самолеты --> Портал --> Услуги --> Другие

  • "Civil Aviation Russia" Air Navigation Consulting Agency, Moscow Russian only. 
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Interstate Aviation Committee.  These are the people who certify Russian aeronautical equipment, engines, aircraft, etc.
  • St. Petersburg Central Agency of Air Communication Russian only . 
  • Streamline OPS Moscow Joint Stock Company



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