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  • Books about Russian Aviation.  Order from, via Roy's Russian Resource
  • Civil aircraft. drawings and some specs, mostly for flight simulator games.
  • "MiGMan Flight Simulation MiGMan add-on missions.
  • RusLine-Russian Airlines (Virtual) Flight sim site.
  • Russian Home Page of MS FLight Simulator.  In English and Russian.
  • Su-27:  In Life and in Game.  In Russian and English (not yet completed).  Terrific historic resource for those who read Russian.  Let's hope the English part of the site will evolve as well.
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    Aircraft --> Portal --> Modelling
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Сборка модели

  • Berkoot.  Ken Duffey's Sukhoy S-37 Berkut, scratch-built.
  • Drawing Collection.  Чертежи.  A wonderful collection of scale drawings of Russian aircraft, including the MiG-31 with cross sections in 1/72 scale in TIFF format (big, but worth the wait!)  Site is in Russian only, but you click on the drawing you want to download it.
  • The Duffey OKB, hosted by Linden Hill.  One of several places to find Ken's marvelous models and photos of the real thing.
  • Equipment.  Матчасть.  In Russian only, but what a great site for the builder.  Includes the "Drawing Collection" page linked directly further above.
  • Linden Hill Imports. A commercial site, but with a nice selection of photos for model builders. They sell kits, parts for kits, decals, books on Russian aircraft, and more.
  • M-Hobby, a site devoted exclusively to model builders. 
  • Modeling the Aircraft of the Soviet Voyenno-Vozdushne Sily (VVS), 1930-45 
  • Modelling Russian Aircraft.  Ken Duffey's new site.  He keeps restructuring it, all for the better.  I will try to keep up! 
  • Paper Paradise FG MiG-15.  A model.
  • Paper Paradise FG MiG-21.  A model.
  • Paper Paradise FG MiG-29.  A model.
  • Paper Paradise FG Su-27.  A model.
  • Paper Paradise FG Yak-38.  A model.

  • (That's enough of those for now).
  • Plastic Scale Modeling page by Mika Цhman.  Some nice Soviet models.
  • THE RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT MODELER'S RESOURCE.  Future home of the site, below, which is still available and different, but at a different location now.
  • Russian Aircraft Modelling.  Great photos, tips, refrences, more.
  • Russian Scale Models 
  • S-Avia.  Model builders group in Saransk.  In Russian only.  Объединение любителей авиации и моделей города Саранск
  • The St. Petersburg aeromodeller pages.  In Russian only.
  • Scale Plans.  Photos of actual aircraft, detailed plans for scale-model radiocontrolled aircraft.  Some very unusual aircraft Soviet-era are included.
  • Voenspets. This site is of special interest to model builders. 



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