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S-37 (Su-47) Links
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This page still is for David.

Aircraft Museum Sukhoi Su-47 (S-37 Berkut) ASCC codename: Firkin

An Analysis of the Sukhoy-Designed S-37 Berkut by Hal Clifford

"Berkut" Extending Horizons

Berkut Flies to Akhtuba

Berkut versus Raptor

Berkut Will Fly at Farnborough.  March 2000 article.

Berkut Will Fly at Farnborough.  May 2000 article.

Berkut Will not Go to England. In its Place, the Su-32 Will be Sent

Firefox Lives.  

New S-37 Soukhoi ADB fighter

Russian Experimental High-Manoeuvrable Stealth-Fighter S-37 "Berkut"

Rusky viceucelovy bojovy letoun S-37 BERKUT (in Czech)

Russia Has Hidden its Super Aircraft

Russian aspirations airborne with Sukhoi's Golden Eagle 

Russia's Radical Sukhoi S-37 Fighter Plane Goes Up Against Our F-22 by Popular Mechanics magazine.

S-32: A New Fighter from Sukhoi from AeroWorldNet

S32/37 Golden Eagle. Large pop-under "adult" ad appeared when tested, but it is a very good resource.

S-37 Berkut 

S-37 Berkut.  On the FAS site.

S-37 Berkut, Sukhoi, from Pakistan's Defence Journal.

S-37 Chances Growing

S-37 Fighter

S-37 Has Completed its Supersonic Program


S-37 Photos at the Virtual Aviation Handbook site. 

S-37's 100th Flight

S-37 Tests

Su-47 Berkut.  In French only.

Su-47 Berkut.

SU-47 Berkut.

Su-47 (S-37) Berkut

Su-47 (S-37 Berkut) Golden Eagle Fighter, Russian Federation

Su-47 "Berkut" Technical Data. Site has a photo collection of the aircraft at

Suchoj Su-47.  In German only.

Sukhoi Can't Hide Its 5th Generation Fighter, The S-37

Sukhoy OKB S-37 Berkut Future Multirole Airplane.  In Russian

Sukhoy People Have Found Money for the Future Fighter Project

Sukhoi S-32/37 Berkut/Golden Eagle Stealth Fighter

Sukhoi S-37 A site in French only devoted to the S-37/Su-47.  Many photos.

Sukhoi S-37 Berkut (С-37 "Беркут" АООТ "ОКБ Сухого") in Russian only.

Sukhoi S-37 "Berkut" 5th Generation Russian Fighter.

"Well Designed"? Pterosaur Correlation to Russian SU-37 BERKUT

YouTube search for "S-37 Berkut" in Cyrillic.

YouTube search for "Su-47" in Cyrillic.

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