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Media Sites
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  • Aeromedia has a few unique photos of Russian aircraft on its site.
  • Aeroplan, The Illustrated Aviation Magazine from Poland
  • "Air Fleet" Russian Aerospace Review
  • Air Transport Review (Авиатранспортное обозрение).  In Russian only.  Not updated since August 1999 edition.
  • Aviation News (In Russian only).  Current.  The old site still has older news and photos of MiG 1.44 and S-37 at
  • Aviapress (In Russian, Win1251 fonts). 
  • "Avia Transportnoye Obozreniye" (Air Transport Review) Russian only
  • Flug Revue Magazine Gallery pages. Information and photos of Russian aircraft.
  • Military Parade magazine home page.The latest news from the Russian defense industry.
  • Russian Aviation News and Information Server
  • Russian Military News.  Last updated August 1999.
  • Russian Scientists Created Revolutionary Low Observability Technologies, as reported in Moscow, January 20th, 1999, by Nicolai Novichkov, ITAR-TASS information agency.
  • Scientific Research Center for the Aviation Industry Economy.  This is a wonderful site if you read Russian.  BUT, click on the small photo on the right that is marked АВИАСАЛОН,  to view that photo enlarged and go to others by clicking on either Предыдущий (Previous) or Следующий (Next).
  • Skrzydlata Polska.  In English and Polish.
  • Skrzydlata Polska - Fototeka.  A few nice photos by this well-known Polish magazine.
  • Stars in the Sky. A joint venture of several air enthusiasts from Minsk  Great photos
  • "TS-VPK" Information Agency:  News and history.  Calendar of historic facts.  In Russian only.
  • Vega Database RNTI ITAR-TASS.  In Russian only, with both subscriber and open sections.
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    Aircraft --> Portal -->  Miscellaneous --> Some connection
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Разное --> кое-л. Отношение

  • Aircraft Identifier.  You see a Russian aircraft, but don't know what it is.  Use this source.  Neat!
  • Biographies of a few cosmonauts, about as close as it gets to space on this page.
  • Books about Russian Aviation.  Order from, via Roy's Russian Resource.
  • A Brief Look at Russian Aircraft Carrier Developmen
  • The Federation of American Scientists has some photos, from space, of different old Soviet airfields and factories on their site.
  • The Great Chinese Aircraft Carrier Mystery.  This site replaces The Mystery of the Varyag, which is no longer available.
  • K-36D Ejection Seat Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT) Program 
  • Novodevechy Monastery, Moscow, memorials and graves of Soviet aviation pioneers.
  • Once opposing militaries fly friendly open skies.  Treaty-related flight over Ohio.
  • Plasma magic.  Discusses Russian research in plasma for aviation.
  • Red Star Catalinas
  • Retired Russian Aircraft Carrier to Become Tourist Attraction 
  • Russian/American Coordinating Group for ATC

  • evaluation of material strength properties and design values in the Russian aircraft certification system. 
  • Russian Scientists Created Revolutionary Low Observability Technologies, as reported in Moscow, January 20th, 1999, by Nicolai Novichkov, ITAR-TASS information agency.
  • Valeriy Chkalov, a rock song in Real Audio format.



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