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Aircraft --> Portal --> Helicopters --> Kamov
Самолеты --> Портал --> Вертолеты --> Камов

  • Helicopters History:  Kamov  This link connects directly to the Kamov helicopter page. The whole site is devoted to helicopters. 
  • Kamov Company.  The official site of the Kamov Design Bureau.
  • Kamov Design Bureau KA-32
  • Rotors from Russia.  Kamov president S Mikheyev details the range of helicopter products and services that his company can provide.




    Aircraft --> Portal --> Helicopters --> Mil
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Вертолеты --> Миль

  • The Globe Air Texts.  In Russian only, with few photos, this site has several articles, among them, one about , the design of the engine for the Mi-26 helicopter.
  • Helicopter's History : Mil. This link connects directly to the Mil helicopter page. The whole site is devoted to helicopters. 
  • Hind in flight, a beautiful photo (over 400,000 bytes) taken by Erwin Moedersheim.
  • Kazan' Helicopter Plant English and Russian 
  • Mil 17 at Lukla, Nepal in 1994
  • M.L. Mil' Moscow Helicopter Factory.  In Russian, English, and Spanish.
  • Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant.  In Russian only, but English part of site planned. 
  • Rotorhead Close-ups.  A collection of rare photos.  Includes Mi-6, -8, 24, and -28.
  • RUSAVIA! (In Russian, Win1251 fonts). General Aviation aircraft, including a page devoted to the Mil Mi-2 that includes all of the types and their description.
  • Russian helicopter Mi-8 T (MCA) passenger version, modified, for sale.
  • World Largest Helicopter for Fire-fighting Activity in Italy.  Provides details and photos of the Mi-26.




    Aircraft --> Portal --> Helicopters --> Other
    Самолеты --> Портал --> Вертолеты --> Другие

  • All the Helicopters of the World Updated, now in both English and Russian.  New URL. 
  • Buy books about Russian helicopters.  Order from, via Roy's Russian Resource.
  • Large Helicopters and helicopter logging
  • Line drawings and specs for Russian helicopters
  • Phil's Aircraft Page -- Modern.  Phil has taken a large number of photos of Russian helicopters.
  • Specs for aircraft and helicopters used for parachuting. In Russian or English version 



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