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Unique Russian and Soviet Aircraft Photos since 1995!

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Air Force Technology

Aviation from A to Z.  In Russian only, but terrific if you read it.  AND if you do not, drawings and photos accessed by clicking on the Russian  word "фoto" in the upper right-hand corner of each article left of the picture of the computer monitor showing the Su-27 flying out from the screen. 

Combat Aircraft.Com.  Great drawings.  Photos, too.  Click on the tiny 3-view to see it enlarged. 

Eastern Wings, a page mostly in Hungarian, but with English text, too.   A few photos.  Not updated since 1996. 

Emmanuel Gustin's Military Aircraft Database

Russian and Soviet Military Aircraft, by Design Bureau and Manufacturer. A page maintained by Marat Kenzhetaev 

Russian Weapons Catalog 

TaskForce Russia.  US-Russia Joint Commission Documents Database.  The Library of Congress is working very hard to upload all of the documents that the Russians have provided  the United States since the end of the Cold War.  Those that are there already make fascinating reading!

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Aircraft FAQ.  Excellent!

Russian and Soviet Aircraft Symbols.  Markings.

Russian Aviation Resources.  More links! Scroll down to see them. 

 Aircraft Resources-->Portal--> Collections --> Megasites
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Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb. A site that has a Flanker on the start page is a must!  Check out his Flanker and Fulcrum screen saver.

Aircraft Resource Center.  Worldwide aircraft, but see especially his Walk-arounds section for great photos of Russian aircraft.

Brian Elliott's Home Page. His main interests are in the field of aviation and, in particular, Russian military aviation.   Also known as Under a bright red star.

The Complete Catalog of World Aviation.  Terrific site!  Photos, video, much  more.  Link for translation to English on left side of page.

A Corner of the Sky, a Virtual Aviation Handbook.  In Russian only.  Very nice.  Has a site search capability if you can type in Cyrillic.

The Duffey OKB.  Part of the Linden Hill site, but so awesome as to warrant its own entry.

Justplanes.Com.  Photos, links, news, CDs of photos for sale, much more about airlines around the world, including the former Soviet Union.

Kiwi Aircraft Images.  This page is a listing by aircraft, and gives access to some background and detail on the aircraft

Kron's Air Base. In Russian and English.

Lotnictwo Net - Polish Aviation Site. Formerly Lotnictwo OnLine.

Maxim Volkonovsky has some very excellent, high-quality photos at his site. They include a picture of the cockpit of the Yak-141.  Click on the photo of the Flanker near the bottom of the page. The links on the next page take you to the MAKS 95 show, Monino Museum, a Swеdish air museum, and MAKS 99.

Milavia is a very large site with many, many photos of Russian aircraft.

Military Aviation Pictures Page.  Large site, includes some familiar photos; also non-Russian aircraft.  Since 2004, he seems to be concentrating on selling CDs and videos and does not appear to be updating the photos.

Paul Nann's great photos

Russian Aircraft Museum Excellent source, maintained by Alexandre Savine, but possibly no longer updated. 

The Russian Aviation Research Page

Russian Power.  This site's Russian aviation section is terrific! It has some unusual aircraft.  Please note:  Because the link is in Cyrillic, not Latin characters, this link redirects to the Tiny URL site where you must then click on the link there to reach Russian Power or its aviation pages.

Russian Wings.  In Russian only, some interesting links.  Some photos seen before.

Scientific Research Center for the Aviation Industry Economy.  This is a wonderful site if you read Russian.  BUT, click on the small photo on the right that is marked АВИАСАЛОН,  to view that photo enlarged and go to others by clicking on either Предыдущий (Previous) or Следующий (Next). 

A Series of my Photographs from Air Salons and Exhibitions.  This page, in Russian only, has links to hundreds of photos taken by the site owner.  There are photos of every Moscow airshow since 1995, photos of shows in Eastern Europe, shows at Russian airbases, and much more.  The photos are beautiful. Do not miss this site!

SVA Aviation  "for those who live aviation and simply love asviation."  In Russian only.

TOTAVIA Aviation Image Archives by Adrian Cybriwsky.  Now called Warbird Photos.Net.  Of the hundreds of photos in this archive, there are several dozen pictures of Soviet/Russian aircraft, most of which I never have seen before. (But one will be familiar to regular visitors of Roy's RUSSIAN Resource).

Venik's huge site.   A slick site that is too massive to make a direct link to the Russian aircraft.  Venik says some wild things and doesn't mind lifting photos and information from other sites.

Walkarounds. Hundres of photos, including of engines and vehicles.

Warbird Photos.Net  See description for TOTAVIA, above.

World Air Routes.  Information about airlines, the planes they fly, their routes, and more.

WWW.AVIATION.RU. Most definitely worth a visit!  Not updated since late 2003.

Aircraft Resources-->Portal--> Collections -->  Other Sites
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Aardvark-Aviation picture archive.  More photos

The Aero Section has a few Russian aircraft photos.  Check out especially his "private collection."  Not updated since 2003.

AeroWorldNet has many articles and photos about contemporary Russian aircraft. Just put a word or a designator into their search engine.  An eclectic collection of photos.

Aviation 3D Stereo Gallery of Virtual & Really.Ru.  You will need 3D glasses to view these photos, some of which are outstanding.

A Guide to Russian Airliners  The site is still there as of June 2005, but the photos could not be accessed then.

Alec's Av Mania.  Nicely designed front page.  Interesting photos.  

Aviaworld's Military Aircraft Photo Gallery.  Some very nice photos.

Flickriver.  This interesting mega-site contains hundreds, perhaps thousands of interesting photographs, some in 3-D.  In particular, enter "soviet aircraft" into the search box at the top for dozens of rare and interesting photos.  Continuing to scroll down brings more photos.  Clicking on a photo brings further information, more photos, or desk-top sized images.

Frisian Aviation Studio.  New photos never seen elsewhere on the Web.  Several photographers contributing.

Links to other sites  about VVS, Soviet and Russian aircraft.  Wow!!

Modeling the Soviet VVS.  Some terrific drawings and photos, not to mention history.

Real Supersonics

Rod's Warbirds.  A large number of sometimes very rare, mostly black and white photos from The Great Patriotic War era.

RU.AVIATION Russian aviation news group. Also available via your favorite news reader and called You most definitely will need KOI-8 fonts to read the messages.

Under a bright red star.  Brian Elliott's Home Page. His main interests are in the field of aviation and, in particular, Russian military aviation.

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