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Lingvo 6.0 Bug and Fix

There is a bug in Lingvo 6.0 if used under Windows 98 and with D Systems Keyboard Remapper.  This page describes the installation on my personal computer, the versions of software, the problem, and the fix.  The problem probably manifests itself on any Windows 95, 98, or NT machine and can be fixed using the guidelines below. 


  • 233MMX PC <or>
  • Hewlett Packard Pavilion <or>
  • Probably any Pentium-based or AMD-based PC
Installed Software
  • Windows 98 Second Edition (or probably under 95 and NT, also)
  • Lingvo 6.x
  • D System's Remapper version 0.89
  • <Any other, it should not matter>
  • Cyrillic does not work under Remapper in Lingvo 6.x. 


  • Find the WINDOWS\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp directory on your system, if it exists.
  • Remove the Lingvo 6.0 file you find there, if it exists.
  • Find the \Program Files\ABBYY Lingvo directory on your system.
  • Do either of the following:
    • Rename the file Lvagent.exe to Lvagent.bak <or>
    • Erase the file Lvagent.exe
  • Restart your computer
  • Cyrillic using D System's Remapper should now work.

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