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This page allows interested users easy access to on-line Russian-language dictionaries.  For the most part (but NOT entirely), they are those not listed by Dr. Beard in his Web of On-line (Russian) dictionaries.

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On-Line Dictionaries

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Sites with numerous dictionaries

(For the most part, dictionaries on these sites are not included in the compilation further below)

English to Russian Only

Russian Only


  • Dictionaries.  A large collection of dictionaries on one Web site.  Topics are Encyclopedic, Translation, Medical, Specialist, Economic, Technical and Miscellaneous, which include such things as paint ball, diving, and more.
  • ETS publishing house on-line dictionaries.  They change from time-to-time because the y want you to purchase the electronic editions.
  • Glossaries and Dictionaries of the Flarus Translation Bureau. Includes such glossaries as metalurgy, welding, trade policy, logistics and many more. Some are Russian only.
  • Online English to Russian to English Dictionary.
  • PROMT's Online Translator  As with all machine translation, this one for Russian-Engish/English Russian is about 80 percent accurate, and it is limited to about 100 characters per translation.
  • The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire.  Not really a dictionary per se, but useful for Russian linguists who may come across that obscure ethnic name for an area, group or language.  Also note the associated index of peoples, tribes, dialects and languages and index of peoples according to language groups.  Peoples, ethnic groups
  • The Russian Dictionary Tree, a learner's grammatical dictionary created at Cornell University
  •  Translate words or sententences between Russian and English.
  • Zalizniak's dictionary.  Accessed on the same page as the Ozhegov, above, it also has a place for one to log in, but it does not seem to matter.
  • Other Languages and Russian
    (with English)

  • Softissimo's Màchine Translation Site.  Not really a dictionary, but certainly can be used as one.  English into Russian or French into Russian only.  As usual, accurate for easier text.  It hasn't a clue how to translate correctly  "forward-swept wing fighter aircraft," for instance.
  • A Web of On-line (Russian) dictionaries, originally from Robert Beard at Bucknell, but now at the Dictionary site.   New dictionaries are added all the time. 

    Other Languages and Russian
    (No English)

  • Deutsch-Russisches Wörterbuch
  • Slovar for Windows 95/98.  Download an Italian-Russian-Italian and/or a Finnish-Russian-Finnish dictionary, free!

    Retail Dictionary Resources

  • Ectaco.  "Ectaco is the world leader in the development and manufacture of the electronic handheld dictionaries." Commercial site.
  • ETS publishing house. This commercial site sells both electronic and traditional dictionaries. 
  • Lingvo from Abbyy Software. Commercial site.  My favorite electronic dictionary.
  • Multilingual Books Russian Page Commercial site. Large selection of intermediate and advanced course materials, dictionaries, etc.

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