Horse Ride
Grandpa and Noah take a horse ride.
IMG 1370
Noah and Grandpa Roy pose before taking their horseback ride.
IMG 1373
Horses awaiting their riders.
IMG 1378
Grandpa Roy and Noah waiting to be assigned their horses.
IMG 1382
Noah, perhaps a bit reluctantly, approaches his horse.
IMG 1383
Noah has mounted his mighty steed.
IMG 1384
Noah poses atop his horse for Grandma.
IMG 1385
Noah grasping the reins as the instructors taught us.
IMG 1390
Grandpa Roy mounts his horse. All riders used a stepstool to mount.
IMG 1392
Grandpa Roy has his stirrups adjusted for his long legs.
IMG 1394
Another tweak of the stirrups for Grandpa Roy.
IMG 1415
Off they go for their ride.
IMG 1417
Grandpa Roy's horse had a mind of its own and refused to keep up with the others until he began speaking to it in Russian.
IMG 1418
IMG 1420
IMG 1425
Noah was at the rear of the column of riders.
IMG 1426
The riders passed other horses grazing.
IMG 1440
IMG 1442
IMG 1443
IMG 1445
IMG 1446
IMG 1448
IMG 1449
IMG 1450
IMG 1451
IMG 1452
IMG 1453
Almost back from the ride.