Museum of the Horse
The International Museum of the Horse
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The International Museum of the Horse
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Sumerian battle wagon.
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Horsehead of Seleine reproduction. See description of significane in next photo.
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Le Chevalier Tapestry reproduction. The original tapestry was woven in the 16th century in France and is now on display in London.
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Diorama of Attila's cavalry attacking Constantia in 441 A.D.
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Diorama of a tournament at St. Inglevert in Spring 1389.
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A depiction of the Spanish loading horses to "return them to their prehistoric home," that is, to the Americas in the 16th century.
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Another view of the loading of the horses for the trip to the Americas.
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Diorama of a quarter horse race on the North Carolina-Virginia border.
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Colonial travel in America.
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Roads in the 1700s.
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Building roads in 1800s.
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Stage Coach.
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Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
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The Buffalo Soldiers were black Americans. The made up about 20 percent of the US Cavalry after the Civil War until about the 1890s.
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Photo of Buffalo Soldiers.
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A Sears wagon for "The cheapest supply warehouse on earth."
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11-piece Russian Faberge Cloissone punch set. It was presented from the Horse Breeders and Sportsmen of Russia to Frank Caton in recognition of his 10 years of supporting horse sports in that country.
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Bedouin coffee-making and cooking utensils.
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Noah poses in the Bedouin tent.
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Beduoin tent.
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Bedouin clothing and saddle.
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See next photo for description.
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Conestoga Wagon.
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French Carousel Sleigh
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French Carousel Sleigh
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Bob-Sleigh from about 1905.
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Five-Glass Landau from 1906.
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A Cut-Under Basket Phaeton, used around 1900.
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Ladies' Phaeton, used around 1880 to 1890.
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Grandma and Noah pose in a buggy.
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Grandma Bert and Noah pose in the buggy.
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Calumet Farms trophy collection. During its day, Calumet Farms won eight Kentucky Derbies and countless other competitions.
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