DSC 0333
1914 winner. A French Grand Prix Delage car.
DSC 0335
1912 winner, a stripped down version of a Natonal passenger car.
DSC 0337
1912 winner, a stripped down version of a Natonal passenger car.
DSC 0338
1922 winner, a Duesenberg.
DSC 0339
1950 winner, a Kurtis-Kraft.
DSC 0342
1950 winner, a Kurtis-Kraft.
DSC 0343
1955 winner, nicknamed the "Pink Zink, a Kurtis-Kraft 500D."
DSC 0345
1952 winner built by Eddie Kuzma.
DSC 0347
1951 winner, built by Lujie Lesovsky and Frank Kurtis.
DSC 0349
2011 winner, a Dallara-Honda car.
DSC 0351
1911 winner, a Marmon "Wasp."
DSC 0353
1911 winner, a Marmon "Wasp."
DSC 0354
1957/58 winner, an experimental car that won both years.
DSC 0356
1953/54 winner built by Frank Kurtis.
DSC 0359
1947/48 winner built my Emil Diedt.
DSC 0362
1939/40 winner, a Maswerati.
DSC 0364
1932 winner built by Louis "Curly" Wetteroth.
DSC 0366
1941 winner built also by Louis "Curly" Wetteroth.
DSC 0368
1946 winner was actually 8 years old when it raced.
DSC 0369
The 1946 winner was built by Clyde Adams.
DSC 0371
1963 winner built by A.J. Watson.
DSC 0373
A.J. Foyt ABC Supply Company Dallara Show Car.
IMG 9170
1965 pole winner Lotus 34.
DSC 0375
A.J. Foyt USAC Midget Kurtis.
DSC 0377
A.J. Foyt's 1961 Hut Hundred winner.
DSC 0380
A.J. Foyt's 1961 USAC Sprint Car
DSC 0382
A.J. Foyt's 1962 Sprint Car built by A.J. Watson
DSC 0384
A.J. Foyt's 1974 USAC Sprint Car built by Steve Stapp.
DSC 0386
A.J. Foyt's 1974 USAC Sprint Car built by Steve Stapp.
DSC 0387
A.J. Foyt's Silver Crown Champ Dirt Car built by Grant King.
DSC 0389
A.J. Foyt's first championship car win in 1960 built by Wally Meskowski.
DSC 0391
1905 Premier built for the 1905 Vanderbilt cup on Long Island. It exceed the weight limit even after many holes were drilled and parts removed and did not race.
DSC 0393
1914 Duesenberg Special, the first Duesenberg to take part in the Indianapolis 500 race.
DSC 0395
1931 Cummins Diesel Special. It completed the whole 500 race without making a single pit stop.
DSC 0397
SAC "Fireboid," first turbine-powered car at Indy. It did not race but was there for demonstration purposes.
DSC 0399
1958 Monza 500 winner, a roadster designed by A.J. Watson.
DSC 0401
Another view of the A.J. Watson-designed Monza winner.
DSC 0404
Noah tries on an Indy car for size.
DSC 0405
1960-61 Kelso Auto Dynamics Special. It did not qualify for either race.
DSC 0407
1909 Buick that won several victories during the inauguration of the Indy track.
DSC 0409
1908 Mercedes "Brookland" won "hill climb" races in Austria.
DSC 0411
1929 Bugatti Type 35B, of which a great number were produced for racing between 1927 and 1930.
DSC 0412
Window World "Stinger" was signed by Indianapolis veterans and auctioned off for charity.
DSC 0413
The Window World "Stinger."