Museum of Aviation
Warner-Robins, GA.
Visited 3 January 2015

The best display devoted to the Tuskegee Airmen I had seen until I finally was able to visit Tuskegee.
DSC 0098
It was difficult to photograph some displays, even without flash, because of glare from the otherwise low-level of lighting in the museum.
DSC 0101
Shooting from an offset angle helped in some cases.
DSC 0102
Baracks life at Tuskegee.
DSC 0104
Benjamin Davis display. Even the full-size wax model of him was well done.
DSC 0105
DSC 0106
DSC 0107
Full scale dioramas were very realistic.
DSC 0108
DSC 0110
DSC 0111
DSC 0112
DSC 0113
DSC 0115
DSC 0116
DSC 0117
This is a painting, not a photo. It looked so real at the museum.
DSC 0118
DSC 0119
DSC 0120
DSC 0121
An oblique view of most of the mural.
DSC 0122
DSC 0123
DSC 0124
DSC 0125
DSC 0126
Notice the mural of the whole hangar to the right.
DSC 0127
A better view of the mural and the full-scale display in the foreground.
DSC 0129
DSC 0130
DSC 0103