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Hangar 2
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DSC 0959
Full-scale mock-up of P-51 Mustang in Red Tails markings flown by Tuskegee pilots during World War II.
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DSC 0963
One of the exhibits in Hangar 2.
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DSC 0965
One of the many mini-biographies throughout hangar 2.
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There also is a book by a Soviet pilot who defected in the late 1920s or 1930s in which he stated that Jews could never fly. It is unknown if he lived to see the Israeli air force in action.
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DSC 0981
CSC 0970
Purloined (?) external fuel tank. (See the next photo).
IMG 4039
Auditorium in Hangar 2. Visitors should go here first to view the excellent film.