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There are a number of photos on the grounds before visitors go into the hangars that depict activities at Tuskegee.
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Firemen had to be trained.
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Today, anyone associated with the airmen at Tuskegee, including the cooks, are considered to be Tuskegee Airmen and are authorized to wear the red blazer.
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Trailning radio operators. It seems, based on the stripes on the staff sergeant, that this photo actually was taken after the war.
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The name actual name of the airfield is Moton Field. It is still active today for light aircraft. There was to be a Memorial Day show the day after this photo was taken.
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Hangar 2.
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This photo is taken from near the parking lot, which in the plan is actually furthest away. The plan has been made from behind hangar 2.
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Hangar 1.
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Ghost structure.
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Ghost structure.
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Hangar 1
Hangar 1
Hangar 2
Hangar 2