Eyes of a Chaplain

World War II in the Pacific as Seen Through the Eyes of
Edgar Roy Cochrun, Chaplain
U.S. Army
A Short History

Edgar Roy Cochrun, Chaplain

The World War II pages for the New Guinea and Pacific area of Roy's Resources are based on three documents that belonged to the late Edgar Roy Cochrun, Chaplain (Colonel), United States Army:

Copies of the Guinea Gold, a newspaper printed for the troops in New Guinea during the war, also belonged to him. Scans are being uploaded when I find the time. Forty editions of this rare, little 4-page paper have been scanned as of 20 May 2013.

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Collision at Sea discusses an accident one night as he was sailing aboard a troop transport to another base.

Pacific War Losses is a short list of American soldiers from his notebook at whose funerals Chaplain Cochrun officiated in 1942 to early 1943 in Australia and New Guinea. Information includes rank, organization assigned, date, next of kin and sometimes cause of death.

The Sinking of the Masaya is a short exerpt from his diary of an air rad that took place at Oro Bay, New Guinea.

Coming in the future will be:

The crossing from San Francisco to Australia

Other information gleaned from the three sources