Georgia Veterans' State Park
Visited 4 January 2015
IMG 2434
DSC 0238
DSC 0239
US Cavalry wagon used in the west during the Indian Wars. After it was retired, it was used as a prop in the movie "Fort Apache."
DSC 0241
U.S. 1862 rifled cannon and caisson.
DSC 0245
The rifled cannon from the front.
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DSC 0244
DSC 0246-1
The aircraft, including the B-29 mentioned here, were all outdoors. They may be viewed in the Non-Russian Aircraft photo album.
DSC 0263
LVTP-5A1 (landing vehicle tracked personnel)
DSC 0265
155mm Gun M1 "the Long Tom"
DSC 0267
LVT-3C Bushmaster (landing vehicle tracked)
DSC 0268
M47 Patton medium tank
DSC 0264
Another view of the M47 Patton medium tank
DSC 0270
M4A2E8 Sherman medium tank.
DSC 0276
M3A1 Stuart light tank.
IMG 2428
Memorial near the entrance to the park.
IMG 2430-02
IMG 2432
Boy Scouts from different troops had camped and decorated at the park for Christmas.