Tybee Island Museum Battery Garland
DSC 0979
The museum is housed in part of old Fort Screven.
DSC 0978
A portion of old Fort Screven. Most of it now is apartments.
DSC 0980
The flags that have flown over Tybee Island during its history.
IMG 6771
The flags seen from the top of the fort.
IMG 6770
Of course the lighthouse is a prominent feature from the top of the fort.
IMG 6772
View of the paid parking lot on Tybee Island. The picket fence in the distance marks the entrance to the lighthouse. The parking there was free, but your grandparents didn't learn that until later.
IMG 6773
Grandpa Roy did not go all the way to the top of the fort. Of course Grandma Bert did.
IMG 6763
IMG 6766
Boardwalk across the dunes to the beach as seen from the top of the old fort, now the museum.
IMG 6767
People enjoying the beach in mid-May.
IMG 6769
DSC 0988
There was an amusement park at the beach until a devastating fire destroyed it. It was never re-built.
DSC 0994
Thes artifacts in this short series of photos were retrieved after the fire.
DSC 0989
The items eventually became a part of the museum devoted to the old amusement park.
DSC 0990
DSC 0991
DSC 0992
A remnant of a tank ride for children from the old amusement park.
DSC 0993
DSC 0987
DSC 0981
Diorama depicting early Spanish settlers converting the Indians.
DSC 0982
Diorama of one aspect of piracy off the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia.
IMG 6778
DSC 0984
DSC 0985
DSC 0986
DSC 0996
Model of gun battery hidden behind sand to make it appear from the sea there were only dunes and no guns.
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DSC 1000
DSC 0997
DSC 0999
DSC 0998
DSC 1002
DSC 1001
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