River Street
Part of the Historic District, it is cobblestone lined with shops and restaurants which are in the lower parts of many of the Factors buildings.
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View of the bridge into Savannah from River Street
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Fountain erected by the Propeller Club of the Port of Savannah as a tribute to the city and the ships that have carried its name, both civilian and military.
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The fountain is located on the High Bluff of the Savannah River.
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World War II memorial, "A World Apart."
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World War II memorial, "A World Apart."
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Looking across the Savannah River at the Savannah International Trade Building and exhibition center. On the right is the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa.
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IMG 6632
This little ferry was free. It travelled between two points on River Street and the Internatinoal Trade Buillding across the river.
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River Street, the river is on the left.
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Memorial to American merchant seamen who lost their lives at sea from the Women's Propeller Club of Savannah.
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Very new looking and colorful bar and grill on River Street.
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Olympic Yachting Cauldron. It was lit at the opening ceremony of the 1996 games and remained lit throughout the games. The yachting events were held in Savannah. The six sails represent the yachting events and the copper flame the actual flame in 1996.
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