Factor's Walk
DSC 0895
View from the Factors.
DSC 0956-01
Part of Factors Walk is seen in this photo. It is the highest walkways visible. On the right is one of the factor's bluildlings. They ranged from 3 stories above the bluff overlooking River Street to 3 stories from the bluff down (6 stories total).
IMG 6648
IMG 6649
Old Savannah Cotton Exchange, part of Factor's Walk.
IMG 6655
This building is one of several buildings built along the bluff above the Savannah River. This building was built in 1877 for Eugene Kelly. At some point, it was named the Thomas Gamble Building. It houses the Ola Wyeth branch of the Chatham County public libraries and the City of Savannah Bureau of Public Development.
DSC 0896
Savannah City Hall viewed from the Factor's Walk.
IMG 6697
IMG 6698
IMG 6699
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IMG 6700
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