Emmet Park
On the bluff above River Street.
Walked ona very pleasant 11 May 2016
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The view from Emmet Park
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The first memorial your grandparents reached after climbing to the park-lined bluff and Factorss Walk above River Street was to Dr. Noble Wimberly Jones, a Revolutionary War veteran and Georgia delegate to the Continental Congress as well as the first president of the Georgia Medical Society.
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Old Harbor Light, erected by the Federal Government in 1858 as an aid to navigation on the Savannah River.
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The Chatham Artillery Monument, dedicated in May of 1986 to honor the members of the Chatham Artillery, a Savannah military unit formed in 1786. Inscription is "Soldiers in war, Patriots in Peace."
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Vietnam Memorial.
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Dedicated in December, 1983, the Celtic Cross of Irish limestone from the County of Roscommon, in West Ireland, honors Savannahians of Irish descent.
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Memorial to D company, 10th Infantry Battalion, USMC, Savannah, Georgia
1948-1950. Plaque reads in part, "Upon activation on 21 August 1950, 182 Savannah marines answered their nation's call to duty during the Korean War."
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The Georgia Hussars. Organized 13 February 1736, this Troop of Mounted Rangers was raised by Gen. Oglethorpe to patrol and protect the Colony of Georgia from the Spaniards and Indians. It fought at Bloody Marsh in 1742 and at the Siege of Savannah in 1779. Its record during the Civil War is unsurpassed as was its service in Mexico. World War I, World War II and Korea. It remained Horse Cavalry until October 1940. From Colonial times to Vietnam Hussars have represented Savannah in all our wars. It is still an active unit in the Georgia Army National Guard.
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The Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation, dedicated to the Georgia Salzburger Society in 1994 by the State of Salzburg, Austria, pays tribute to the Lutheran Protestants who sought religious freedom in Georgia after they were expelled from their homeland.
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A park within a park? The official tourist page for the Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation says it is in Emmet Park. Another page says it is in Salzburger Park, which is a small plot at the western end of Emmet Park.
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