Magazines, Rooms and Quarters
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IMG 6840
Guard house.
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IMG 6846
The southwest magazine, used as a shell magazine while the Confederates held the fort. The Union used it as "dark confinement" to hold Confederate prisoners during the winter of 1864-'65.
IMG 6851
Colonel Olmstead's quarters.
DSC 0019
Colonel Olmstead's quarters.
DSC 0020
Colonel Olmstead's quarters. He surrendered in this room on 11 April 1862.
DSC 1031
Federal officer's quarters.
DSC 0001
Federal officer's mess. Sadly, it was impossible to get good photos because of glare and reflection from the plexiglass separting visitors from the actual rooms.
DSC 0004
Federal medical dispensary
DSC 0006
Commanding officer's quarters after the Union captured the fort. Colonel Brown's wife joined him and added a woman's touch by using furniture confiscated from southern homes in Bluffton, South Carolina.
DSC 0008
The powder magazine. When the Union (Federal) cannoneers put a round near the magazine after busting the hole in the 8-foot thick solid brick wall, Colonel Olmstead surrendered within an hour.
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Quartermaster's office and supply room.
DSC 0014
Guard room. Soldiers on guard duty reported here.
DSC 0016
The water supply was kept in this tank. It held 200,000 gallons.