The Mounds
DSC 0297-02
Path from visitor's center to first mound.
DSC 0296
Construction example.
DSC 0298
DSC 0300
DSC 0301
IMG 2436
Grandpa Roy can be seen just inside the mound.
DSC 0307-1
Inside a mound. Photography was difficult because plexiglass was put up inside to prevent visitors from touching anything or stepping where they should not.
DSC 0302
DSC 0317
DSC 0318
IMG 2440
IMG 2441
IMG 2443
DSC 0323
The Great Temple Mound.
DSC 0324
DSC 0325
DSC 0319
IMG 2438
The modern encroaches.
DSC 0327
Grandma Bert heading up to the Great Temple Mound.
DSC 0331