St. Augustine, Florida
100 2724
St. Augustine celebrated its own Thanksgiving some years before the Pilgrims even arrived at Plymouth Rock.
100 2739
The Trolley. $21.00 for 3 days of jumping on and off at the 22 stops. It was a great way to get around.
100 2777
Grandpa Roy aboard the trolley.
Original gate exiting the old part of the city.
Figure of a bear made with old beer and soda cans at a restaurant where your grandparents stopped for lunch.
100 2747
Once a hotel, now Flagler College.
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100 2804
This street outside the gate of the Fountain of Youth Archaeological site, now lined with oaks, is considered one of the ten most beautiful in the United States.
100 2806
Grandpa on the street outside of the Fountain of Youth.