Plaza de la Constitucion
Plaza de la Constitucion
Grandma Bert can be seen ahead exploring this peaceful corner of St. Augustine.
Another quiet, shady place in the plaza.
Juan Ponce de Leon, the first European to arrive in present-day Florida.
The statue is life size and the trolley drivers said Ponce de Leon was only 4 feet 11 inches tall; however, at the Fountain of Youth archaeological site, they say that measurements of his armor and surviving clothing put him at well over 5 feet tall. An Internet search does not resolve the question of his height.
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Granndpa Roy takes a break at the plaza.
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The obelisk monument was erected in 1812 while St. Augustine was still under Spanish rule to commemorate the Spanish Constitution – which used the American Constitution and Bill of Rights as its model.
Cannon were displayed all over the city. The Plaza was no different.
Story of the Plaza de la Constitucion.
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Spanish moss and Government House, adjacent to the plaza.
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The Bridge of Lions is directly across from the plaza.