Welcome to England
IMG 3398
Southampton, England, where the Royal Princess docked after the end of your grandparents' cruise. They took a bus to London Heathrow Airport, where they picked up a rental car.
IMG 3399
Poor Southampton! They not only have the ubiquitous Mickey D's, but also a TGI Fridays.
IMG 3404
IMG 3406
Holy Trinity Church, Millbrook, Southampton.
IMG 3410
IMG 3415
CSC 1002
This Emirates Airbus A380 welcomed your grandparents to London Heathrow Airport.
IMG 3750
Grandpa Roy driving a right-hand drive car on the left side of the road. Nervous? You bet! His knuckles were white, he was gripping that steering wheel so tightly.
IMG 3416
Heading for the motorway and on then to Luton for the hotel.
IMG 3423
Grandpa Roy was familiar with all the cities on this highway sign.
IMG 3425
IMG 3427
Fields of rapeseed along the highway. It is used to make a cooking oil, bio-diesel and as a feed for animals.
IMG 3430
The highway had recently changed and Grandpa's GPS got him confused about which way to go.
IMG 3431