Stratford upon Avon
The birthplace and home of William Shakespeare
Visited 17 May 2015
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Entering Stratford upon Avon.
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The Henley Street Jester Statue, from Shakespeare's "As You Like It." Shakespeare's birthplace, as well as numerous shops and restaurants, is on Henley Street. No motor vehicles are allowed.
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Even then, Shakespeare understood Liberals.
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There were quotations for four of his plays, one on each side of the statue.
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The last of the four quotations.
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Henley Street, where Shakespeare's home is located.
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Tickets to the various exhibits, such as Shakespeare's home and grave, are purchased here.
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Pathway to the Shakespeare home.
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Shakespeare's birthplace and home.
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Shakespeare's home.
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The view today from Shakespeare's home.
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Bust of William Shakespeare, 1564-1616.
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William Shakespeare's family was somewhat affluent for the time.
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The garden.
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More of the garden.
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The garden.
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A one-man show, he played a scene from one of Shakespeare's comedies for us.
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This glazed wall, the Wallbook, had illustrations and quotations from each of Shakespeare's plays.
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Statue of William Shakespeare in the snack bar on the Shakespeare Trust property.
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Spire of Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare is buried.
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Churchyard cemetery.
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Shakespeare's grave, surrounded by the graves four other members of his family.
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The next photo explains this one.
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Shakespeare's monument, on the north wall of the chancel above head height. It is believed to be a faithful likeness of Shakespeare.
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The Guild Chapel is one of Stratford-upon-Avon’s best-known historic buildings. It was built in the 15th century.
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Once a 16th century residence, the Falcon is now a hotel.
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Grandpa Roy found a very convenient parking garage. Grandma Bert waited there while Grandpa looked for change to pay for parking. She took a few pictures of Stratford while she waited.
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