Visited 16 May 2015
Getting There
Getting There
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Grandma and Grandpa were caught in this back-up. They thought everyone was heading for Stonehenge when, in fact, very few were. The road is a main route to other destinations and at the tiop of the hill, it narrows from four lanes to two. Hence, the back-up.
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The view from the highway.
IMG 3907
Farms surround the site. Here, a hog farm.
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IMG 3908
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Grandpa Roy visitied Stonehenge the first time in 1976. There was a visitor's center then where these sheep now graze.
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IMG 3926
The circle at Stonehenge.
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The first monument at Stonehenge was built about 5,100 years ago. It did not look like this. Grandma Bert's excellent camera lens allows zooming in on the whole structure as it exists today.
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This photo shows, in the front, middle position, a trilithon, which is two vertical stones supporting a third horizontal stone.
DSC 0554
Two upright stones capped by a lintel formed a trilithon.
DSC 0558
A tenon on top of an upright stone. The upright would be cut to produce the tenon and the tenons were fit into the horizontal piece where a hole, called a mortice hole, had been hollowed out. This was one way to keep the horizontal lintels in place.
IMG 3919
A good view of several trilithons. The horizontal stones are called lilntels.
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A station stone is in the foreground.
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The slaughter stone can be seen in the foreground, to the right.
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IMG 3927
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The heel stone.
DSC 0576
Side view of the heel stone.
DSC 0578
The slaughter stone.
DSC 0580
Station stone.
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Grandma Bert poses with the circle behind her.
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Grandma Bert is caught taking another photo of the circle.
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The raised earth is a barrow, usually used as a burial ground.
IMG 3931
Grandpa Roy poses near the barrow.
IMG 3932
A closer view of the barrow. There are several barrows in the vicinity. This was the closest to the cirlce, about 3/4 mile away.
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DSC 0586
Grandma Bert photographs the barrow.
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There were interesting wild flowers in the fields surrounding the barrow.
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What a neolithic village may have looked like.
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Grandma Bert was able to take several photos inside one of the huts.
IMG 3943
What a bed may have looked like.
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A fire would have been built here, both for heat and for cooking.
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Grandma Bert poses in the entrance to one of the recreated neolithic homes. No, they did not have doors such as the one behind her.
IMG 3949
Grandpa Roy outside the visitors' center, reading one of the notices about the history of Stonehenge.
IMG 3951
View of the museum and the recreated neolithic village.
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The next two photos show the man.
DSC 0597
An ancient skull found in the area. The next photo shows the face of the man created by scientists based on this skull.
DSC 0598
Recreated by forensic modelers, this may be the face of a man from over 4,500 years ago.
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These were flying over Stonehenge when we were there. An employee told me that the museum, which contains some fragile, ancient relics, has written the MoD to ask them to stop, as those relics are being damaged by the vibrations.
IMG 3950
A memorial to flyers who crashed near here in 1912 with the Stonehenge museum and visitors' center in the background.
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