Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
Tacky and very crowded
Visited 14 May 2015
DSC 0469
Helen Mirren.
DSC 0470
Johnny Depp.
DSC 0471
Nicole Kidman.
DSC 0472
Angelina and Brad. She looked so-so.
DSC 0474
Humphrey Bogart.
CSC 0476
This is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe.
DSC 0477
DSC 0478
Judy Dench looked pretty good.
DSC 0479
DSC 0480
DSC 0481
DSC 0482
Very poor likeness of Alfred Hitchcock.
IMG 3723
Madame Tussaud preparing a head figure.
DSC 0483
Princess Dianna.
DSC 0484
Queen Elizabeth I.
DSC 0485
King Henry IIX, who had 8 wives (not all at once).
DSC 0486
One of Henry's wives.
IMG 3724
DSC 0487
Lord Nelson who won the Battle of Trafalgar.
DSC 0488
Vincent van Gogh, painter.
DSC 0491
William Shakespeare.
DSC 0490
Oscar Wilde (left) and Charles Dickens.
DSC 0493
Pablo Picasso, painter.
IMG 3725
Pope Benedict.
DSC 0494
CSC 0496
Jimi Hendrix
DSC 0497
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, leader of Turkey. He brought the country into the 20th century.
DSC 0498
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister during WWII. His mother was an American.
IMG 3726
Chamber of Horrors.
IMG 3727
Chamber of Horrors.
DSC 0499
Margaret Thatcher, first female Prime Minister of Britain.
DSC 0500
Mahatma Ghandi of India, assassinated in 1948, he led India to independence from Britain.
DSC 0501
Vlad the Impaler, the "model" for the Dracula stories.
DSC 0502
DSC 0503
IMG 3728
Murder of Marat in his bath
IMG 3729
IMG 3730
DSC 0505
Madame Tussaud searching for bodies.
DSC 0506
DSC 0507
DSC 0508
DSC 0509
Spirit of London ride. Grandpa had seen a sign saying "no photography." He and Grandma, sadly, were they only ones who did not take photos of the exhibits on this ride.