Trafalgar Square
Visited 12 May 2015
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Grandma Bert poses at Trafalgar Square.
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Nelson's colum.
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Nelson's column. Trafalgar Square's centerpiece.
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Nelson from the other side.
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The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.
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St. Martin in the Fields church is at Trafalgar Square.
IMG 3501
Statue of James II outside the National Gallery.
IMG 3502
Never did figure out how these characters were able to "float."
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Obviously their ability to float has something to do with holding onto the "staff."
CSC 0293
See. Death also is holding on.
IMG 3507
Even having his photo taken with the Tin Man did not allow Grandpa Roy to figure out what was holding the three "floating" figures in the air. Notice his "staff," though.
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DSC 0290
Called "Gift Horse," this skeleton statue at one corner of Trafalgar Square includes a London stock exchange prices ticker as an allusion of London's financial strength.
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Street scene and one of the lions at Trafalgar Square.
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Amiralty Arch viewed from Trafalgar Square.