Tower of London
Visited 13 May 2015
IMG 3640
The Tower of London began with one tower, but over the years grew to have a total of 20 towers.
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Once there was a moat around the Tower
IMG 3642
Tickets were purchased outside the Tower.
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Six ravens are usually found here. Legend says that the Tower will crumble, as will Britain, if the ravens ever leave the Tower of London.
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DSC 0416
Grandpa didn't see one raven.
IMG 3645
Tower Bridge seen from the Tower of London.
IMG 3648
Waterloo Barracks guard.
IMG 3650
Waterloo Barracks guard.
IMG 3651
The queue for seeing the Crown Jewels really wasn't too bad when your grandparents were in London.
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IMG 3652
Grandpa takes a break (center of the photograph) while Grandma Bert does some exploring higher up.
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IMG 3659
Some of Grandma Bert's photos make Grandpa Roy dizzy.
IMG 3660
A view of the modern from the medieval.
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IMG 3663
A view Grandma could see from the upper levels of the Tower. This building once housed the London Port Authority. Built in 1922, it is being converted into a luxury hotel at 10 Trinity Square.
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IMG 3665
Another view from the Tower by Grandma Bert.
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Tower Bridge photographed from the Tower of London through the Queen Elizabeth II Arch.
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IMG 3681
Queen Elizabeth II Arch.
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DSC 0431
Grandma Bert poses at the Tower of London. This wall certainly looks different from many of the others.
IMG 3687
Grandpa Roy poses with a friend outside of the the Tower's gift shops.
DSC 0433
Salt Tower. Built in 1240.
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St. Thomas' Tower, built
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Traitor's Gate. It was through this gate that so-called trators to the corwn were brought to be executed of imprisoned.
DSC 0445
The Bloody Tower from the early 1220s. This tower is where the "Little Princes" were probably murdered by their uncle. They were never seen again.
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IMG 3688
Byward Tower, built by King Henry III between 1238 - 1272 to offer additional protection to the central keep.
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At one time the Royal Menagerie was housed at the Tower of London. These wire and concrete lions and other animals were located in various areas around the Tower.
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DSC 0423
At a fast glance, these baboons seem real.
DSC 0424
These baboons appear to be fighting.
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DSC 0430
Looking very real, but standing very still.
DSC 0439
Notice how there is even a chain and foot cuff holding the bear, as if it were real.