Street Scenes
DSC 0283
Grandma Bert poses at Picadilly Circus beneath the famous statue of Eros.
DSC 0410
Wogen Resources building, adjacent to Westminster Abbey.
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DSC 0302
IMG 3554
Grandpa Roy checking the tour guide book outside Westminster Abbey.
DSC 0331
London Eye from the Victoria Embankment.
IMG 3557
A closer view of the Eye, a giant Ferris Wheel allowing riders to see all of the city.
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IMG 3558
IMG 3559
IMG 3560
DSC 0371
As in the U.S., there aren't too many telephone booths left in England.
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IMG 3569
IMG 3571
CSC 0382
IMG 3572
Grandma and Grandpa had supper at the Bella Italia their first day in London. It was part of a chain of restaurants by the same name.
IMG 3573
The Bella Italia.
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DSC 0380
Picadilly Market at St. James Church.
IMG 3574
IMG 3692
IMG 3565
DSC 0287
They served afternoon tea on-board the Royal Princess. It cost $10.00 a person with all the items on this London menu. The cost at Brumus is about $38.00 a person!
DSC 0464
Supper your grandparents' second day in London was at Garfunkel's, another chain.
IMG 3704
Inside Garfunkel's.
IMG 3705
Grandpa Roy poses for Grandma at Garfunkel's.
DSC 0463
Grandma Bert tries a London Pride ale at Garfunkels.
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IMG 3707
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DSC 0455
The church of All Hallows by the Tower, near the Tower of London. Tower Vaults, in the foreground, houses shops and a cafe.