St. Pancras Station
Visited 12 - 14 May 2015
DSC 0466
St. Pancras train station. Your grandparents commuted here from Luton for three days by train to visit London. The rental car was parked at the hotel, because there is nowhere to park in London, plus you need a special permit to drive in the city as traffic is so very heavy.
DSC 0467
There were three pianos located throughout St. Pancras station. Anyone could play them. Those whom your grandparents heard play were quite good.
IMG 3575
St. Pancras Station train going north.
IMG 3576
The Briish are really into cameras in public places, such as this on the platform at St. Pancras Station.
DSC 0515
Nearly empty commuter train car as it nears Luton Station.