Blunsdon House
Your grandparents spent their last 3 nights at the Blunsdon House, 15 -18 May. It was a very nice resort.
IMG 3866
Sign marking the Blunsdon House Hotel.
IMG 3964
Main entrance to the hotel.
IMG 3974
IMG 3975
Blunsdon House had a lot to offer, including a couple restaurants, a bar where meals could be purchased, a golf course, a pool, an exercise room, and a walking trail, among other amenities.
IMG 3976
IMG 3988
IMG 3981
IMG 3982
IMG 3983
IMG 3984
IMG 3985
IMG 3986
IMG 3989
A fish tank in the lobby.
IMG 3987
IMG 3990
Breakfast was inside this restaurant.
IMG 3991
The entrance to the bar.
IMG 3992
IMG 3993
This corridor headed out toward the Pavilion.
IMG 3994
IMG 3995
IMG 3967
View from the golf course.
IMG 3980
Look closely at the tree. What do you see?
IMG 3978
Here is a closer view.
IMG 3979
Someone has carved these owls into the dead tree, which is outside the main entrance to the main buildilng.
IMG 3860
IMG 3861
IMG 3862
IMG 3865
The Pavilion was located apart from the main hotel. Rooms here were on the golf course and very quiet.
IMG 3968
The Pavilion.
IMG 3965
Rear of the Pavilion. Your grandparents' room was on the ground level at the end. If you look closely, you can see the Volkswagen Passat that your grandparents' had rented in the background beyond the Pavilion.
IMG 3834
"Patio" entrance to your grandparents' room.
IMG 3832
To the rear, right was the corridor to the bathroom and to the main entrance to the room. Closets were on the right.
IMG 3833
Grandpa didn't have a lot of space on his side of the bed.
IMG 3837
IMG 3838
The television wasn't very big, but your grandparents' weren't there to watch TV.
IMG 3839
Grandpa Roy checks the news on Grandma Bert's tablet after returning from a day of touring.
IMG 3836
View of the golf course from your grandparent's "patio."
IMG 3973
Grandma Bert took the walking trail several times while your grandparents were staying at the Blunsdon House. The following photos are from those walks.
IMG 3959
IMG 3969
IMG 3971
IMG 3972
IMG 3996
IMG 3997
IMG 3998
IMG 3999
IMG 4002
IMG 4003
IMG 3840
IMG 3842
IMG 3843
IMG 3844
IMG 3845
IMG 3846
IMG 3847
IMG 3848
IMG 3850
IMG 3851
IMG 3852
IMG 3853
IMG 3854
IMG 3855
IMG 3856
IMG 3857
IMG 3858
IMG 3859
IMG 3863
IMG 3960
Grandpa Roy waiting for Grandma Bert to take a picutre as he headed into this very nice pub for supper.
IMG 3963
The Blunsdon Arms was not associated with the Blunsdon House where your grandparents stayed for 3 nights.