Washington, Beyond the Monuments
A trip Grandma Bert and Grandpa Roy took in Washington, DC, that showed them monuments and sights not normally seen by tourists.

Summer 1988
art museum of the americas 02
Art Museum of the Americas.
art museum of the americas-01
Aztec or Mayan figure, Art Museum of the Americas.
mosaic room AMA-01
Mosaic Room, Art Museum of the Americas.
mosaic room AMA-02
Mosaic Room, Art Museum of the Americas
Unknown statue. Please, someone help.
View of the Lincoln Memorial in the distance from across the Potomac.
Bridge to Teddy Roosevelt Memorial island.
Teddy Roosevelt Memorial
The Teddy Roosevelt memorial.
Teddy Roosevelt Memorial-02
The Teddy Roosevelt memorial, wide view.
Washington monument-01
The Washington Monument from a more rare view.
Titanic men memorial
Monument to men who gave up their lives so that women and children could escape the sinking Titanic. This relatively unknown memorial is on the shores of the Potomac.
Titanic men memorial-02
Close-up view of the inscription on the Titanic memorial.
Washington monument-02
Another unusual view of the Washington Monument.