Box Canyon and Lomaki Ruins
Wupatki National Monument
The box canyon and Lomaki ruins
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IMG 1212
These ruins are part of Wupatki National Monument.
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There are several types of ruins at Wupatki. These are the co-located box canyon ruins, such as this photo, and the Lomaki ruins less than a quarter mile away. Wupatki proper is several miles from this site.
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Grandma Bert photographs one of the guide signs at the box canyon and Lomaki ruins. Without these photos, your grandparents wouldn't be able to explain all the photos properly.
IMG 1202
View of a box canyon.
IMG 1209
A box canyon only has one way in and out.
IMG 1206
Lomaki ruins.
DSC 0600
Lomaki ruins from another perspective.
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Lomaki and snow-capped peaks on 22 May 2014.
DSC 0624
Harris' Antelope Squirrels frolic at the ruins.