Because of a fire along the Interstate to Flagstaff, your grandparents were forced to turn around and go through a wonderful little town called Wickenburg

20 May 2014
IMG 1144
The Rancho Grande Best Western in Wickenburg, off the beaten track.
IMG 1143
Grandpa Roy poses for Grandma Bert outside the Gold Nugget restaurant, an old and well-known establishment in Wickenburg.
IMG 1140
The main entrance to the Gold Nugget.
IMG 1133
Inside the main dining room of the Gold Nugget.
IMG 1134
Close-up of the restaurants stained glass window.
IMG 1137
Ornate chandeliers and lots of wood.
IMG 1135
Grandpa Roy waits for his dinner to be prepared.
IMG 1136
Look at the view your grandfather had. Not only that, but he could see the restaurant as well.
IMG 1138
The table where your grandparents had their supper in Wickenburg had once been used by the Duchess of Marlborough, as well as Clark Gable, a famous actor, but most likely not together.
IMG 1139
While at the Gold Nugget, a lady came in wearing a costume of the late 1800s to lead a ghost tour. Before she left with her group, however, she spoke for about 20 minutes about the hauntings of the Gold Nugget.
IMG 1145
Your grandparents took a short walk around town after supper.
IMG 1146
The antique shop was open, but they did not go in. The car was already packed enough.
Grandma Bert liked the stop sign at the motel.