O.K. Corral Museum
The O.K. Corral venue was also a museum.
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Undertakers carriage. It carried coffins to the graveyard.
DSC 0421
The undertakers tools.
DSC 0431
A very ornate coffin. Most would have been just wooden.
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An extension top "Phaeton." a Phaeton was a term for a sporty open carriage drawn by one or two horses.
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A so-called "doctor's buggy." In its day it cost a businessman $8.00 a day to rent from the Corral.
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Mobile fire hose.
DSC 0434
Soda acid fire wagon. Few towns had money to buy these.
DSC 0436
An old trunk. Traverllers would carry all their belongings in one of these.
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DSC 0508
Doc Holliday's room. The model portrays "Big Nose" Kate, Doc's girlfriend, watching horrified at the window when the famous gunfight took place.