Your grandparents' second trip to Tombstone was 18 May, 2014. They had more time and were able to explore the town more.
DSC 0415
City Hall.
DSC 0416
Map to the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
DSC 0417
Ranchers keeping the streets clear of automobiles.
DSC 0418
IMG 0883
Here comes the Old Butterfield stage.
IMG 0882
Grandpa Roy waiting for the stage.
DSC 0546
The stagecoach.
IMG 0886
The stage had all the comforts.
IMG 0891
Grandpa Roy on the Old Butterfield stagecoach touring the town of Tombstone.
IMG 0887
Four Deuces saloon.
IMG 0895
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DSC 0522
DSC 0524
IMG 0899
DSC 0525
John Heath was hanged here in 1884
DSC 0530
Today the courthouse is a park. There was an entry fee and your grandparents felt they had spent enough for one day, so they didn't go in.
DSC 0528
Behind this wall the gallows can just be seen at the Tombstone courthouse.
DSC 0531
Front of the courthouse.
DSC 0533
The ladder at the rear of the courthouse was used for the entry and exit of juries and judges during trials.
DSC 0555
A closer view of the staircase.
DSC 0539
A small theme park in Tombstone.
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DSC 0552
DSC 0557
DSC 0554
Garet and Page's wagon shop used to be located on this site. The old Chinese community to be along this block.
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DSC 0545
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DSC 0559
Playing the bones.
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Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
O.K. Corral Museum
O.K. Corral Museum
Sonora Desert
Sonora Desert