Grandma Bert's Sister
Great Aunt Mary is your grandmother's youngest sister.

17, 18 May 2014
IMG 0845
Grandma Bert's sister, your great aunt, Mary, lives here. You can tell by the dog carving she loves dogs.
IMG 0846
Your great aunt Mary runs Animal Watchers and More, a kennel and dog training facility, in Huachuca, Arizona.
Grandma Bert's Sister
Your great aunt Mary and Grandpa Roy pose for Grandma Bert after a pleasant dinner at this restaurant in Huachuca.
Grandma Bert's Sister
IMG 0952
Grandma Bert and her youngest sister, Great Aunt Mary.
IMG 0937
Tom Grunau watches as one of Great Aunt Mary's dogs dives into her large pool for dog training.
IMG 0940
Two going in, one more begging to go in.
IMG 0942
The dogs chase toys, such as the one seen in the air in this photo.
IMG 0914
"It's Mine."

"No, it's mine!"
IMG 0906
IMG 0916
IMG 0905
IMG 0946
So much fun in the hot Arizona sun.
IMG 0947
IMG 0933
Here we go...