Grand Canyon North Rim
Your grandfather actually felt the view from the north room is more beautiful, but he cannot really explain why.

23 May 2014
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Grandma Bert headed out toward this overlook to take photos.
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Grandma Bert was able to photograph the Grand Canyon lodge from the trail she took.
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Grandpa's fear of heights prevents him from getting downward-looking shots like this one Grandma took.
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Later, Grandma Bert went to this overlook beyond the lodge.
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IMG 1396
Part of the view as Grandma Bert hiked toward that other overlook.
IMG 1401
She took this trail.
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Grandma Bert at the overlook.
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After taking her photos, she made her way back.
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Trees growing down toward the canyon wall.
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Cabins in the main park near the visitors' center.
IMG 1403
Cabins above the rim.
IMG 1392
Chairs at the overlook outside the lodge.
IMG 1393
Notice that Grandpa Roy is not near the overlook.
DSC 0662
Gray-Headed Caniceps, a sub-species of the Dark-Eyed Junco.
IMG 1402
Graqndma Bert photographed this woodpecker during her walk to the second overlook.
DSC 0710
Rock Squirrel.
DSC 0712
Rock Squirrel.
IMG 1420
Statue of burro in the lobby of the lodge.
IMG 1421
Grandma and Grandpa had lunch in the lodge dining room.
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During their drive to the north rim of the Grand Canyon there had been a storm with lightnbing as well as snow. A bolt of lightning set a small area of the park north of the canyon afire.
DSC 0677
Soon a helicopter was spotted with a container suspended beneath it by a cable.
DSC 0684
Grandpa's photo caught the cumping of the water or chemicals directly onto the seat of the fire.