Highway Scenes 2014
Grandma did the photography while Grandpa drove.

Approximately 17-22 May 2014.
IMG 0839
Welcome to Arizona.
IMG 0835
Never did see the exit, so your grandparents never learned what The Thing was.
IMG 0836
Trains. Constant trains. Sometimes every 10 minutes during the day.
IMG 0841
Your grandparents spent 3 nights in Benson, Arizona. The trains went through town all night long, blowing their whistles as they approached the crossings. Ugh!
IMG 0833
The border patrol slowed everyone down just north of the Mexican border. Based on what is happening now, your grandparents have no idea why they wasted everyone's time.
IMG 0850
The entrance to Fort Huachuca.
IMG 1069
Talk about an oversized load!
IMG 1071
Unusual peak on the highway to Phoenix.
IMG 1126
Saguero Cacti on a hill heading toward Flagstaff.
IMG 1149
Working their way around the Slate fire, your grandparents arrived at a small town with the unusual (and creepy) name of Skull Valley.
IMG 1150
Notice the artwork on the general store.
IMG 1154
The Skull Valley Cemetery.
IMG 1156
The Skull Valley cemetery.
IMG 1164
Smoke from the Slate fire billows into the sky near Sedona. It was this fire that your grandparents had to find a way around.
IMG 1186
Smoke from the fire was very heavy in places. In Flagstaff people were told to stay indoors because of the smoke. Ashes falling on the city were cold (no longer burning), but hazardous to the health of young children, the elderly and others.
IMG 1194
Your grandparents encountered the famous Route 66 in Flagstaff. ("I get my kicks on Route 66").
IMG 1196
They had lunch at Miz Zip's.
DSC 0604
The snow-capped San Francisco peaks in May on the way toward Utah. The peaks are Arizona's tallest mountains.
IMG 1224
The black is volcanic ash from an ancient volcano near Wupatki National Monument.
IMG 1315
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1321
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1322
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1324
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1327
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1328
Echo Cliffs.
IMG 1331
Entering the Kaibab National Forest.
IMG 1332
Not a lot of trees. Looking toward the Vermillion Cliffs.
IMG 1560
These deer crossed in front of your grandparents just after they returned to Arizona from Utah.
IMG 1566
IMG 1580
The San Francisco Peaks coming from the north heading toward Flagstaff.